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Bid's Utility Bill Management platform helps businesses harness utility data using Robotic Process Automation to automatically capture, measure, validate, and pay your utility bills.

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  • A dashboard deep dive
  • Popular features like proactive bill validation and specialized forecasting tools
  • Outline the benefits of audit-grade utility bill data
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Capture. Measure. Pay.

High-Impact Energy Solution

Bid’s Utility Bill Management is the perfect solution for businesses looking to achieve significant cost, speed, and accuracy advantages, that other more traditional service providers relying on manual processes, just can’t deliver.

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Why Choose Us?

Save Time

A fully-digitized procurement platform, with unmatched savings capabilities.

Streamline Reporting

Visual reporting is highlights the entire utility portfolio or down to the account level. 

Easy Benchmarking & Accruals

Comprehensive accruals & budgeting automation to drive accuracy and better planning.

Data Validation

Proactive data validation via instant parsing, validation, and storage, resulting in audit-grade data.

How It Works

Powered by Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation is making bill payments a key enabler and vital part of Utility Management. Now with RPA, the software easily and efficiently manages every aspect of the billing lifecycle without human intervention.

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We saved over $40,000 with our last annual tariff review Salvation Army
By optimizing our network tariffs and incremental reviews as part of our annual tariff review, these savings alone more than pay for our annual licensing fees. Toll Holdings
The volume of work was too much for our team. Without Bill Identity our internal workflows were cumbersome and disorganized Major US Pharmacy Chain

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